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New member assimilation


New Member Assimilation

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new member assimilation

This new member assimilation software will manage your data as your church assimilates new members

Use Members to Action to track a church member's progress through your assimilation program. Note when they took the New Members' Class; record their spiritual gifts, passions, and interests, and then match them with ministry opportunities within the church. Follow up with them to be sure they are getting connected and are not dropping through the cracks.

When you have an interview with a new member, Members To Action will generate a list of ministries that match their answers on the spiritual gifts inventory or other survey you have given them. So if the person has the spiritual gift of leadership, you can print off a handful of ministries in the church for which leadership would be a helpful gift.

Do you lose track of who you were supposed to call when? Built into Members to Action is a ticker file: note the last time you called, when they are to be contacted again, notes on what is supposed to happen in that conversation, and who is supposed to be making the followup. Each week print a report listing all the calls that are due to be made along with who on your assimilation team is responsible for calling.

Download a fully functioning copy of Members To Action that is good for 90 days. Discover all the features that will save your time and your sanity and will help with your assimilation church member.

Click here to learn more about new member assimilation and to download a trial copy of Members To Action.

Ephesians 4:12 - equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ

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